Saturday, January 10, 2009

Eternal Moments

There are so many things in life you encounter where you say to yourself: I will never forget this. But they are gone. I cannot remember many of these special moments in my life worth remembering. Songs that we listened to, movies we watched, radio stations we tuned into every week to "tape" our favorite show.

But some moments do embed themselves into our memory never to be forgotten. Why is that so? Why not always? I assume I have to cherish those memories and try to keep them alive as long as I can. Sometimes I start wondering if they actually happened - or if they are just mashed together snippets of memories, dreams and wishful thinking. A fickle thing indeed.

Yet there are some moments you recall exactly. I remember some from my youth, one is where we were in a "disco" (or club as it is called in native English speaking countries nowadays) and the music style of the time was Techno. The name of the club was "Easy" and in comparison one of the larger clubs, fitting 3000 people (so I heard). They had the typical green laser show that you could find in many disco's that wanted to be special.

I was chatting with a friend of mine I met by accident - the club was at least 70KM (45 miles) away from our home town yet here you could find at least a handful of people you knew from there. A song came on and the lasers kicked in. We started dancing to the song in true Techno style a combination of break dance and frantic hand and body movements.

I recall having the time of my life. I felt free, young and without any sorrows. Ah, those were the days...

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