Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Looking for the perfect beat

I mentioned earlier that I used to go to all sorts of clubs back when it was cool to wear a big yellow smilie face on the back of your jacket. No kidding!

You are listening to all sorts of music and songs and older ones go while new ones come. Sure, beats and lyrics do get recycled and mixed up - maybe the younger generations do not realize the rip off and enjoy the canned, uninspired and lame version. But there are some songs that stand out. They leave a mark on a deeper level effecting you mentally and emotionally. While it could be that the song reminds you of that last great summer of school, or your first kiss - or generally having had a bast view friends while rocking, dancing or singing to this one particular track.

Now, listening to Techno is making things even harder, because they are produced by a handful of producers using different aliases for every record they release. In other words names are meaningless.

Years later I am trying to collect as many of these tracks I can find. I will try to randomly upload them here for your entertainment. Please bear in mind that they are from a time long gone, so they may sounds silly nowadays. But I do not care, I have special place for them in my heart.

The following track was - for me - the culmination of Electronic Music. I listened to it on the way to the club, the VW Beattle I had packed with friends. I had an amp and two 30" woofers in the back in that small luggage compartment below the rear window. The whole system did not cost more than about 150 Deutsche Mark - a steal. The board carrying the woofers was an old desktop plate my father got from the school he worked in.

We were going 120KM/h (or about 80mph) and the woofers were muting any other noise present in the car. No engine noise, no wind noise - nothing but the sounds of music.

The name of the Track is "Stakker Humanoid" by "Humanoid" (check out its Wiki info). It sort of builds up as it goes and I always loved that there is a distinct sharper synth beat at about 1:30 minute in. Listening to it really loud is the key here! This track is the pure Electronic - no natural sounds, fully synthesized and computer generated. Pure bliss, ahh.

Update: I just realized that this track is now exactly 20 years old (since it was released 1989 in Germany). Happy birthday!

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